Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When Obama Succeeds

When Obama Succeeds
By Ron Powell

We are faced with the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, brought on by unscrupulous and unethical Wall Street finance types with the aid of their deregulatory Republican counterparts. In the name of free enterprise and free markets, these criminals were allowed to raid the public treasury for personal gain. They were able to manipulate the economy for selfish purposes in a manner that is unrivaled in the history of the nation.
Those who would return the country to the tyranny of the privileged rich and the powerful few are faced with the prospect that President Obama might succeed. Those who enjoyed political, economic, and social ascendancy by manipulating the racial prejudices and fears of the majority white electorate are now openly calling for President Obama to fail. In an effort to instill or rejuvenate fear of a black man in a position of power and authority, the attempts to vilify and/or demonize the President and his plans or policies grow uglier by the day.
The Republican obstructionists in Congress, the conservative ideologues in the media and the right wing demagogues on the lunatic fringe are working in concert with the power elite to sidetrack, derail and ultimately bring down the Obama administration even before it has a chance to demonstrate any capacity to turn the country around and chart a new economic, political, and social course.
There are those who wish to see that this does not happen. There are those who believe that if the President succeeds, America succeeds. They believe that when America succeeds in living up to the principles upon which it was founded, we all succeed in keeping our economic, political, and social options open. They believe that when America succeeds, we all succeed in maintaining an equal share in access to the rights and opportunities that should be available to all citizens of the United States.

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