Saturday, June 20, 2009

For Fathers' Day: Thanks Dad


NOVEMBER 3, 1919 - JUNE 14, 2009

Thanks, Dad:

Thanks for teaching us baseball and basketball. Thanks for the listening, the lectures, and the loans. Thanks for the understanding and the support you’ve given us throughout the years. Thanks for remembering that you shouldn’t get in the way when you couldn’t show us the way….And thanks for the time.

Thanks, Dad; Goodbye…………

Ron Powell: Eldest Son


  1. Happy Fathers Day, what a wonderful tribute

  2. If for some reason you may have felt you have
    let him down.

    In his memory, for the good times; continue to
    do what he has passed on to you - excellence
    and good deed to others. Do as he did - look
    for nothing in return.