Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exploiting Of The Defense Of White Womanhood

by Ron Powell

It has been a staple of the Ameican political/social psyche that when a white woman is caused harm or distress of any kind as the result of an encounter with a black man, white men are obliged and entitled to seek and secure swift and certain justice for the purposes of protecting and defending the honor, dignty, and sanctity of the offended accusing white woman in particular, and white womanhood in general.

Nothing arouses the white American male visceral or emotional reflex to anger and violence more than a hysterical white woman pointing an accusatory finger at a black man. This has been the stuff of mob rule through murders, lynchings, and capital punishment in this country from day one. It is as true today as it ever has been...And now the target of that visceral anger and violence happens to be a black man who is President of the United States of America......

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  1. Sad but true this scenario remains and continues to divide our communities.Throughout our history there are many names of Black Men that would beable to replace that of Tom Robinson.I think the expression"once you've gone black you never go back" comes from white men. It has been my unfortunate experience to hear comments about "the Blacks" made by people who are not Black and the negative remark is usually based on the fact that the person is not white and not soley because that person is Black. This being "not white" can mean the person is "Black, appears to be Black, may be Black, looks Black, is "mixed",sounds Black, hangs out with "the Blacks", likes "the Blacks", goes with "the Blacks",husband is Black,you can't say anything about "the Blacks" in front of them,somebody in the family is Black and may be the most undesirable; trusts "the Blacks".