Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He Is A Citizen Of Kenya!, I Want My Country Back!

This video of "Birthers" hijacking Rep. Mike Castle's town hall meeting, speaks volumes about the nature of the opposition to the Obama Presidency.

These people have the right to vote and the right to bear arms. They also have the right to be openly stupid and publicly ignorant often referred to as freedom of speech.......Many of them are mad as hell and don't know why. This is what the Republican Party will be banking on and drawing from in 2012....The post regarding a Palin/Bachmann ticket doesn't seem so far fetched when you place it in the context that this video provides.......


  1. The State of Hawaii will not allow a certificate of live birth to be adequate documentation to apply for a state job.
    A certificate of live birth is NOT a birth certificate, two completely different documents.
    I do not want Obama and Daschle to make the decision whether I live or die under their Socialized Health Care system.
    The birth certificate, or lack of, is just the tip of the iceberg, real or not real it is to some degree inconsequential.
    Read what Daschle (Obama's Czar) feels about health care for the elderly. I will say they are nice enough to say we can get "pain killers".

  2. There is virtually no legal distinction between a cerificate of live birth and a birth certificate. Many states use the language that appears in the standard Hawiian document. The wording is used primarily to distinguish the certificate of birth from the certificate of death.

    My posts always carry the name of the author and/or the source of the content. It would seem that anyone willing to state a point of view or opinion here or anywhere else would have sufficient conviction in their opinion or perspective to stand behind their assertions by identifying themselves as the author of any such statements offered for public consumption or consideration.

    There is one thing that is certainly true. The Constitution of The United States of America protects the right of every citizen to be publicly stupid and openly ignorant. This protection is commonly referred to as freedom of speech. Even though I have the power and prerogative to delete or remove comments from my posts, I have chosen to allow this anonymous comment to stand on my post as a reminder to reasonable people that people who espouse such garbage are,in addition to being intellectually deficient, generally ideological and political cowards...