Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Make No Mistake, Resistance To Obama Is Racially Driven

By Ron Powell

Let's be candid and perfectly clear on this. Republican and right wing resistance to President Obama's plans and policies is racially motivated.

The arguments against anything that President Obama has proposed or done thus far in his administration are not based on political ideology or alternative plans or proposals. The opposition to Obama is simple and clear, there will be no cooperation or bipartisan support for the black man in the White House.

Here is a list/summary of the opposition arguments:

1) He is not a citizen.

2) He is a socialist.

3) He is a fascist.

4) He is a not a Christian.

5) He is a racist.

The Republican wisdom has been to let the falsehoods run their course and when possible be supportive of people who maitain such views or positions.

The Republicans are focused and singleminded in their desire to "break him". There has not been nor will there be any effort to support plans or proposals that can result in any real change. Hence the Republican Party is not simply the party of "NO" but they have hitched their political futures and fortunes to being the party of the status change at all.......

The plan is simple. If they can keep Obama from making any changes for the good of the general public, they believe that people will become less enamored of Obama and his administration and thus be more disposed to voting against Obama and the Democratic Party during the next round of elections in 2010 and then in 2012.

The Republican Party has chosen to be the party that represents the protection and preservation of white peoples' interests while at the same time doing all that it can to promote the notion that anything that Obama does is for the benefit of and in the interests of black people, which are, they would have the less enlightened among us believe, by definition diametrically in oppsition to the interests of white people...In short the Republican party has become the party of and for racists.....Bill Maher said it best on his program ...."If you are a racist you are most likely a Republican." AMEN Bill, AMEN.........

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