Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Historical Connection Between President Obama and Professor Gates

There is a strong social/cultural/political link or relationship between the refusal of these stupid people to accept the documentation presented as proof of President Obama's citizenship and his right to be were he is, and the refusal of a "stupid" police officer to accept the documentation presented by Professor Gates regarding his residency and hence his right to be where he was...

During the period in which slavery was a central element of American social, cultural, economic, and political life, a "free" black man had to produce his "manumission" papers on demand or be subject to re-enslavement by virtually any white person who challenged the fact of his freedom. Even when such papers were produced, whites would more often than not uphold the challenge and force the unfortunate "free" man back into bondage....In some states it was illegal to free a slave.

The power to deny the legitimacy, validity or legality of such documents in the possession of blacks was routinely upheld and maintained by the legal system which was little more than a reflection of the white power structure that maintained the courts for their own purposes regarding matters of race....Not unlike what occurs today, particularly in the criminal justice system.....

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  1. This continues to be outragious and yes stupid behavior. In our lifetime the celebrations are still far and few between.