Monday, July 20, 2009

Palin-Bachmann 2012?

by Ron Powell

By most accounts 46% of the people who voted during the last presidential election were willing to take a shot a putting Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the Presidency. That's an awful lot of people.....

Most of those folks are mad as hell that their candidates didn't win and the Republican party is doing all that it can to ensure that they stay that way until the next election. The Republicans are currently engaged in political obstruction and sabotage on a level rarely seen here. It will get worse as time progresses. The purveyors of fear are hard at work making plans to storm the citadel of the American democratic process and take back what they believe to be rightfully theirs.

They are currently desparate and are apparantly willing to try just about anything to accomplish their goal. The 2012 election looms on the horizon as their next chance to show the world that they would stop at nothing to get it all back.

So what about a Palin/Bachmann dog & pony show? It would be funny if it weren't so scary or is that; it would be scary if it weren't so funny. Impossible you say? The Republican campaign clown show will be something to see.

Remeber, they'll try anything and stop at nothing and at least 46% of the voting public are willing to let them have it their way.........

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